Website design made in Figma for a client.

Style: Professional, corporate, business


Fitness App created in Figma, representing the users progress of working out, water intake, sleep and more.


Dark mode NFT website project.
I took into consideration the trending dark mode and mixed it with a minimalistic yet modern touch to create this homepage layout.


Client work.
Direct response website targeting elderly people. Because of my target group, I chose bigger font size and colors that create good contrast while still keeping the experience fun and energetic.

Abra Trade.

A complete homepage design for a trading app & service. The orange colors and elements are supposed to make you feel energized and enthusiastic.
The idea behind this project was to elevate the look of the website and give it some “pop” of illustrations in order to make it fun to scroll through but still make all the important elements be visible.


This was a pro-bono project for International Human Rights Commission Foundation – IHRC.
It was an honor to be a part of this and to present the Foundation with more modern and clean look for their website.

Current website:


Eatalian is an online coffee shop. They wanted to create a new website and elevate the look of it as something people hasn’t seen before.
The overall look of the website gives you the feeling as you are in Italy enjoying new experiences.


A complete re-design made on Figma.
Designed as an appealing and functional website that would require less time to maintain, but more user-friendly with idea to increase user trust.
I designed the conversion rate of the website via call-to-action buttons, logical structure, advanced search functionality, comfortable menu & much more.