Dead Sour.

‘Dead Sour’ is a mouth-watering sour sweet business that has
been voted the number 1 extreme sour sweet brand in the world!
They offer a huge range of sweets with extreme sour coatings!!
They have been using an outdated brand identity for 3 years
that feels disconnected to their audience. Dead Sour are
looking to launch a new range of sour sweets in the next few
months and are in desperate need of a rebrand!

Fuse Tea.

Had so much fun doing this!💻
Live product redesign, making it more enthusiastic, fun and modern while still keeping the original brand identity in the picture🙌

👍 or 👎?

Glow & Go.

Brand identity project for a new packaging for ingrown hair paste.
The design is supposed to make you make you feel comfortable and build your trust while still getting in touch with the simplicity and comfort of the brand.