Idea: Pressed, organic, ground leaf teas and herbs, shaped into tablets, that quickly melt into hot water. This is an environmentally friendly, bagless tea product.
Tone of voice: Fresh, elegant.


I took it upon myself to try and elevate the logo and package design for @afroditacosmetics🤍
Which one do you like better?🙌

Juice Box.

Juice box Energy Drink
Target Audience: 16-30 year-old females
Interests: Self-care & personal development
Design Style: Fun, energetic, vibrant & bold
Goal: Supporting women with this energy drink
providing them all the nutrients they need with an
uplifting boost to power them through the day.


‘Grated’ are a Vegan Cheese business that don’t compromise
on quality and flavour. They have a range of options for
everyone and have various cheese styles, flavours, blocks,
slices, grated and more.
They want to make it super easy for people to go dairy free’
whether that’s down to a lifestyle choice, health benefits or
strong beliefs. Grated are on the mission to become the
tastiest and highest quality cheese alternative in the world.

Glow & Go.

Brand identity project for a new packaging for ingrown hair paste.
The design is supposed to make you make you feel comfortable and build your trust while still getting in touch with the simplicity and comfort of the brand.